Happy New Year, Again.

Now that the initial novelty of the New Year has faded away, let’s take a realistic and mindful approach to 2019. As we begin the New Year with with a spirit of optimistic anticipation, here are my thoughts for committing to meaningful new habits in the year ahead.

Tradition encourages each of us to make a resolution at the beginning of each new year. To me a resolution is a very dramatic and sometimes scary commitment to change. For me, a resolution has a built in “all or nothing” factor. Many people seem to make the same or similar resolutions every year. What’s up with that?

How can this year be different? Instead of making a dramatic resolution, let’s make a series of gentile intentions. Intensions have an organic quality. Intentions change, evolve, grow and adapt to daily conditions.

For 2019, instead of a big resolution, let’s try a daily intention to live with Spiritual Balance.

A good daily intention is to live in cooperation with other people. All philosophical teachings and spiritual traditions have this single point in common, the more we immerse ourselves in the service of others, the closer we get to discovering a place of Spiritual Balance.

Maybe this is the year we make an intention to by pass the one-dimensional self-improvement resolution, and instead embrace the belief that true enhancement of the spirit takes place when we begin to share love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity and kindness with the people who we meet on our daily journey.

Service to others is great daily intention.

May you be healthy. May you experience freedom, know peace and walk through your day with spiritual ease one day at a time. May each of you experience HappyNow…


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