“Serenity isn’t freedom from the storm; it’s finding peace within it.”

If this is your first visit to “personalpause.com”, welcome. If you are a return visitor, welcome back. The purpose of this site is to offer an interactive strategy to make our lives happier and more peaceful. Each visitor is encouraged to experience a mindful “Personal Pause” and return to the flow of their day with renewed energy and spirit. Happiness is a choice that sometimes requires effort.

The purpose of this site is experience “HappyNow…”

“HappyNow” is the union of two words. Happy and now. “Happy” is a state of mind characterized by pleasure, contentment, and joy. “Now” indicates the present time or moment. “HappyNow” is a state of mind characterized by pleasure, contentment and joy at the present moment.

How to best use this site….

I invite you to visit Personal Pause once, twice, three times or more each day. When you do will have simple choices.

1. There is an opportunity to read a variety of inspiring quotes from renown thinkers.

2. You are welcome to read one of my daily “Today’s Thought” and in turn “post” your own thoughts. Archived “Today’s Thoughts” are also available.

3. I offer a weekly “Spiritual Challenge” that you can choose to accept or not.

4. I suggest that each visitor experience that one minute of calm, peaceful and mindful breathing, Experience a “Personal Pause”.

5. Experience HappyNow…

Try it now….. Stop for just a moment, close your eyes and take a deep slow breath in, pause, then releasee your breath just as slowly. Feel the air enter and leave your body. Notice the calm. Notice the peace. Notice the serenity of the moment. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.

Share it………It is my mission to introduce a mindful “personal pause” into the lives of those people who like me, are hyper-busy, multitasking, and high achievers as well as those people who hold too tightly on the past and focus too keenly on the future, in other words, most people. If you know anyone who could benefit from a daily “Personal Pause”, please invite them to visit personalpause.com today. Now!

“Serenity isn’t freedom from the storm; it’s finding peace within it.”



“It only takes a minute .”


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