Live and Let Live

“When nobody around you seems to measure up, it’s time to check your yardstick”.

I read this quote recently and it encouraged me to be honest with myself.

Being overcritical and irritable is common to many of us, it certainly is to me, especially if I’m not mindful. We may pass through the day with controlled smiles on our faces, while underneath are grumpy and grumbling. Then we snap at an unsuspecting person who crosses our path.

Some of us save our most critical reactions for those we love, while staying sweet and friendly with the outside world. In any case, we are caught in a dangerous trap. We may recognized that we feel trapped, but do not see that our problem is mainly with ourselves.

We need to look at our relationships. Have we been falling into a pattern where no one seems to measure up? Are we also being too critical or demanding of ourselves? Perhaps we don’t need to lower our standards so much as to hold them less tightly.

If we can be friends with ourselves and give ourselves a little more leeway, it is more likely we can be easier going with other people..

If I try to be more “easygoing” more flexible, more forgiving, I am less judgmental of others and myself resulting in the world being a less hostile place to make my home.

Live and let live, it takes practice.  Practice makes progress.  Progress is good.

Remember your mindful pause.


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