Friend or Foe?

With whom will you spend your time today? Friends or Foes?

Sometimes it may seem awkward trying to analyze the effect that our friends and acquaintances have on our lives. Are we being too judgmental or are we honestly looking out for our own best interest?

At one time or another we all have been brought “down” by the people we choose to call friends. With this in mind, it could be useful if we take a step back from our own situations and try to look with an objective eye at the people with whom we spend time.

How are the people in your life affecting you? If the answer to that question is “poorly”, then the next question is, what do you need to do to fix the situation to make it healthier?

Now ask yourself this question; If you spend another two, three, four, five, ten years with the current people in your life, where are you headed?

If the answer is that you’ll be a more compassionate, more caring and a more giving person than you are now,
then you’re probably around people who are good for you. But if your answer is something less than you are now, if you don’t like the answer that you see in the future then you may want to consider changing the people with whom you spend your time today. After all, not everyone we meet is destined to be a friend for life.

Friend or Foe? It’s an important question to ask yourself today. It takes courage to answer it honestly.


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