Blame is a coping skill that many of us have used to avoid personal responsibility. It allows us to hold on to anger and fear. When we blame others, we create an instant sense of antagonism, not only between us and an other person, but also between us and the world.

Before you can truly grow spiritually, you need to remove blame from your thoughts, actions, attitudes, and communications.

Are you still blaming someone else for something that happened in the past? Do you feel angry, frustrated, betrayed, or hurt? Regardless of who is right or wrong, can you accept responsibility for these as your own feelings about the situation?

Just for today, try not to blame others for your own frustrations or unmet expectations. Just for today, try to take responsibility for your “place in life” and let others do the same. When you let go of blame, you let go of past hurts and resentments, and take responsibility for your own expectations.


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