Manage Your Energy

How do you manage your energy? How do you invest your energy? How do you waste your energy ?

Energy. We all have it. We all spend it. We all need it just to be considered alive. But when was the last time that you actually considered how much energy you’re spending and in which ways?

Most people are unaware of their energy spending habits. Too many people spend energy mindlessly. Too many people spend a lot of energy complaining, gossiping, and blaming others, but little energy being curious, helpful and productive. Too many people spend so much of their energy criticizing others, but almost no energy helping those same people learn how they might improve.

There are many positive uses to which we can devote our energy. Encouraging others, being generous, complimenting others, being creative, taking care of our own bodies with exercise and nutrition, changing bad habits, creating good habits, reading, learning, meditating, smiling…..the list is endless. But before we can spend our energy wisely, we must be aware of our energy investment options.

Today, write down three ways to invest your energy so that TODAY will be a day you can be proud of tomorrow.


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