Peaceful Warrior Training in 2018

What is “Peaceful Warrior  Training”?

A “Peaceful Warrior” is a person of strength, courage and wisdom. “Training” is an organized instruction or practice designed to impart proficiency  in achieving improvement in some way. A Peaceful Warrior is someone not struggling to achieve personal wealth or physical control, but instead  someone seeking physical or spiritual calm in the turbulent sea of everyday life. I call that calm, HappyNow…

“Peaceful Warrior Training” is an integrative method of training the body, mind and spirit to experience physical health and spirtual calm. I believe PWT is just what you’ve been looking for but never knew what to call it.

Peaceful Warrior Training recognizes the line between who we are and who we’re noty and then it focuses our attention to blur that line. PWT uses a mixture of proven formulas and mindful experiments to make quality of life change.  PWT is an interactive training method between a coach and an individual or team. A good coach is a person who motivates and inspires people to do things they may find uncomfortable to get to a place they want to be.  I want to be that coach.

These are a few big questions we must all ask ourselves….

Where were you one year ago?  Where were you one month ago? Yesterday? Where do you want to be in one year?  In one month?   ARE YOU HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? 

Using a unique blend of proven methods in yoga, corrective exercise training, strength training, flexibility training, endurance training, high intensity interval training, mindfulness training and meditation I will help you find what what your looking for physically, mentally and spiritually. You can train with me at my studio in Cresskill New Jersey, or I can bring PWT to your home.

Who can benefit from Peaceful Warrior Training?

  • Men and women of all ages and fitness levels.
  • People who would benefit from gaining strength, endurance or flexibility.
  • People who would benefit from slowing down, pausing for an hour and decompressing.
  • People who want to recover from chronic pain.
  • People who suffer from anxiety, addiction, lethargy, or depression.
  • People who need a boost of self confidence.
  • People who are stuck in a fitness rut.
  • People who are tired, overworked or under stress.
  • People with yoga experience who want to expand their practice.
  • People with no yoga experience who would like to learn the benefits Yoga has to offer.
  • People who have no interest in yoga at all, but simply know they need to exercise safely and effectively.
  • People who are experienced in or curious about meditation.
  • People who want to experience HappyNow… for themselves.

I adapt “Peaceful Warrior Training” meet your specific physical and spiritual needs.

If you’re at all curious about “Peacful Warrior Training” or know someone who might benefit from finding physical health and spiritual calm, I encourage you to contact me for a free consultation on the phone, at my studio in Cresskill, New Jersey or in your own home.

Version 2                                                                              Be the Peaceful Warrior.

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