Time In

In Sports, when a team calls “Time Out” they are granted a pause in the action.  An opportunity to slow down, rest, evaluate the situation and maybe change the plan. When the “Time Out” is over, the referee calls, “Time In”, and the action resumes.  More often than not, the player or the team returns to the game with renewed energy.

While we can’t really call a “Time Out” and “Time In” in life, we can certainly “pause”. And that is just what I did for the past week, I paused. I went on a vacation. I spent time “away” with my wife to rest, rejuvenate and just “BE”.  It was fabulous, but now I am calling “Time In”, I am back. I am back to the life I love with renewed energy and a refined purpose.

Starting tomorrow, my “Daily Thoughts” and Personal Pause updates will resume.

Make today a good day.