Keep Your Library Shelves Well Stocked.

Do you remember “The Library”?

As a kid, I was in the library a lot. Why? Because that’s where the greatest number and the widest variety of books could be found. That’s where the information was stored. That’s where the stories were saved. I loved to read. I loved to learn. When was the last time you spent time at the library?

Life is like a library and each of us is an author contributing to stocking it’s shelves. In your library, there are a few books which you and I wrote, but most of books were written by lots of other people.

Our minds are like a library. Our minds store lots and lots of memories, a wide variety of knowledge and too many skills to count. Some of these are the result of living and learning, but most are information given to us by other people. Some of the greatest resources for our storehouse of information are our family, friends, co-workers, coaches, teachers and the many people we meet on our daily journey.

Most of our learning comes from others.

Teachers give us so much in the way of facts. Our family instructs us in life skills and morality. Friends expose us to different personalities and lifestyles. Coaches inspire us to do our best. The “ordinary people” we meet on our daily journey remind and expose us to perspectives different than our own.

All this information is valuable to our spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth. Every person we meet, each place we visit and everything we experience contributes to our library of knowledge and wisdom. Each day we write a new page, a new chapter or a new book about that day’s journey.

Our minds are like a library, keep yours stocked with fresh material. Keep an open mind and be available to learn.