Hiding Places

When does a good habit turn into a bad habit?

When it becomes a hiding place.

When we were kids, “Hide and Seek” was lots of fun. We hid in closets and behind curtains until we were found. As adults, most of us are still very good at finding places to hide.

Sometimes we hide behind our work by staying “crazy busy”. We hide in exercise, by making it a ritualistic addiction that dominates our time. We can choose to hide in our afternoon nap by sleeping rather than addressing our tiring thoughts. We hide behind the role of a “fixer” by fixing others, so we never have time to fix ourselves. We hide in our “healthy” eating when we let food control our spontaneity during social events. Maybe our afternoon run is a hiding place from feelings of powerlessness?

What habits do you have that on the outside seem “good” but on the “inside” you know they have become “hiding places” from what makes you uncomfortable.

We can hide from reality for a short time, but it is relentless. Reality will find you.

How do you hide from reality?

Follow the link and pause;

“It only takes a minute.”