Clarity in Pause

“Let muddy water stand, and it becomes clear.”—-Lao-tzu

So true. If we relax, the answers will come.

Imagine a group of teenagers swimming in a beautiful lake and one of them loses a chain or an earring in the muddy water. Everyone starts diving in from different directions to search for the earring. The splashing water results in chaos. The water becomes so stirred up with sand that no one can see anything.

Finally, the kids agreed it made more sense if they all got out of the lake to let the water calm down. The kids waited patiently on the edge of the shoreline for the dirt and mud in the water to a settle. When it finally cleared, one person slowly entered the water and dove underneath the surface and gently picked up the sparkling earring.

When we are confused about something in our lives, we often receive advice from lots of people. Our friends will tell us one thing, our families another and we often get another opinion from a well intentioned stranger. All claim to be experts. We usually become completely confused.

I find that more often than not if I “step away” from my problem, pause and let patience and time do their work, the “mud and dirt” in my mind will settle and I find clarity. It’s in this moment of clarity that answers to our problem becomes visible, like the sparkle from the earring in the water.

Is it a coincidence? Is it a miracle? Is it a “Cosmic Consciousness” sending us a message in a moment of quite pause? Why try to explain it, just accept it as a valuable tool to improve the quality of your life. Keep it simple. When we relax, the answers often present themselves.

Are you missing the solution to today’s challenge because you’re too busy looking the other way?

Maybe a pause will help.