I love candles.

I like to think of myself as a flaming candle, a source of light and warmth in the chilly darkness. My flame does not diminish even the slightest bit when I share it with other people. When we share something we love, something personal with family, friends or even acquaintances, it gives everyone a special feeling. Generosity blesses the giver as much as the receiver.

When I generously give away money my spirit grows, but the amount of money I have diminishes.  If I give away a book from my library my soul grows richer, my collection of books grows smaller.  It is my experience that only when I am ready, willing and able to give things away without conditions attached that the gift  I give will attract more of the same back to me. We don’t receive until we’re able to give.  The door of giving and receiving is the same door, and it must remain unlocked, open and welcoming.

How can we light someone else’s candle without our own flame diminishing? We share our flame through things like encouragement, teaching,  compliments and kindness. We can light someone else’s candle by being there to listen and  accepting them for who they are, exactly as they are.  We lose nothing in lighting their candle, in fact, our flame can grow more steady and more sure as we reach out and touch other people’s lives. The best part is that when we share our flame, the aggregate light of the world  grows. .

Share your flame today. push the PAUSE button.