Monthly Archives: March 2021

  • Thursday, March 11th, 2021


    Good Morning, “What is without periods of rest will not endure.” —Ovid This quote resonates with me, maybe it rings true in your life. I need to be more mindful of rest. Naps are a wonderful experience. When we are tired, we need to stop and give ourselves time to rest. Sometimes we think we […]

  • Wednesday, March 10th, 2021


    What was the last thing you remember being passionate about?  Did you enjoy it today?  Yesterday?  This month?  When was the last time you were passionate? Reclaim your passion now. What did you love to do as a kid?  As a young adult? 10 years ago? What did you used to do because you loved […]

  • Tuesday, March 9th, 2021


    Good Morning, Are you hopeful about 2020? Here are a few suggestions. Hopeful people choose to see the goodness in life, instead of focusing on the negative. They walk proactively with optimism on their daily journey, believing that each small step will bring them closer to the future they have imagined. Hopeful people excel at […]

  • Monday, March 8th, 2021

    Foibles Are Cool

    I have to remember to lighten up. A “foible” is a minor weakness or failing of character; slight flaw or defect. Are you afraid to reveal your foibles? I’ve been told that I am not “cool”. Yesterday I had my tongue firmly pressed into my cheek when I asked for advise on being more “cool’. One of my friends said the flow of the conversation was […]

  • Sunday, March 7th, 2021

    Are you a Fixer?

    Consider these words of wisdom; “Tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I’ll  remember, but if you involve me, I will learn and I will grow. Let me try for myself.” Are you a fixer? Do you try and clear a safe path for your kids, your spouse or for your friends on their […]

  • Saturday, March 6th, 2021

    Chasing Happiness

    I used to chase after happiness. I always expected certain things, or certain people, or certain situations, to make me happy. I used to think, if only “this” or “that” would just happen, I’d be happy. And many times “this” or “that” would happen, and guess what, I would be happy for a while, but […]

  • Friday, March 5th, 2021

    Happy Anniversary Personal Pause

    Good Morning to all my Personal Pause Friends, This week marks the beginning of the tenth year of the “” posts, thoughts, quotes, comments, shares and e-mails. It’s has been quite a journey. It has been very exciting to share a personal transformations over the course of these past ten years. I believe that today, each of us […]

  • Thursday, March 4th, 2021

    Your Most Powerful Thought

    What is your most powerful thought? What is the thought that has the greatest impact on how you feel? What is the thought that has the greatest influence on how you make your next decision? I believe your most powerful thought is the one you have right NOW! Change your thought and you’ll change your experience.  Happiness […]

  • Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

    My Daily Intention…

    Good Morning, How do you begin each morning?  Do you have a daily intention? This is my daily intention. I intend  to to accept the flow of life, to be grateful for all that is presented to me today, to offer my best effort with the skills and tools I have now and to be […]

  • Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

    Is Your Lifestyle Making You Sick?

    How do you heal? Our culture has a very strange idea about how we heal. Most of us are taught to put a “band-aid” on everything and treat the symptoms rather that treating the actual causes of the “disease”. We are so quick to prescribe drugs, dramatic diets, cosmetic surgery or often times even worse, […]