Today is the First Day

The old saying goes, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. Do you believe it?  Do you live it?  I try every morning.

Today is a completely new day and it’s mine to do with as I please. What happens to me today will be completely new and different, and I have the choice all day long to react to similar things from my past in different ways if the way that I’ve been reacting hasn’t been working.

Yesterday is gone and while some things that happened yesterday may affect today, that doesn’t mean that those things have to control my actions or reactions today. If was angry yesterday, I have the choice today to react differently to a similar situation today or even to try and make up for the anger or the hurt I may have caused someone else.

We can make a choice each morning to start anew and make change.

Too often we hold on to the baggage that we packed yesterday and drag it along with us in our Spiritual wagon. Today’s a new day! It’s calling for a “new you”, just as every day does. Today offers you a wide variety of things to do, people to see, experiences to learn from, and wonders to appreciate and be thankful.

The only question is a simple one:

What attitude will you carry with you throughout your journey this new day?

Thank God It’s Today.