Right or Happy?

I’ve often asked myself, “would I rather be right, or happy?” What does that mean?

Would I rather be happy or right, is a gentle way of suggesting that when I obsess about my own point of view or insist on having it my way, I have to step back and check my priorities. I have to be honest. What is my agenda for “fixing” someone or something?

Am I open-minded and tolerant of people with whom I may disagree or is my ego leading my thoughts? Forcing my will on other people is not the path to serenity, it is instead a form of violence.

There is nothing wrong with confidently and persuasively expressing our own opinion, but is spiritually unhealthy to feel as though we have to “win”. Inner peace comes from letting go the need to control the flow of life.

Yes, I find comfort in making a suggestion that I believe will help someone, but I’m happiest when I let other people experience their life’s journey as they see fit.

For me, “live and let live” is a good intention for today