Are you living a life that includes your passion?

I believe we are born with three gifts, our body, our mind and our spirit, but it is the fourth element that we spend our life searching. I believe the fourth element is “PASSION”. Find your passion and incorporate it into your life. Passion changes everything. EVERYTHING!

Maybe your passion is food, art, music, sailing, teaching, auto mechanics, flying, swimming, dogs, theater, writing, sports, fashion, sales, acting, travel ….. Think about the “work” or the “play” you’re doing these days, does it allow you to express yourself, your true feelings?  Is it fulfilling?  Is it helping you to reach your potential in the ways you want it to? Are you living a life that includes your passion or are you living a life that creates distance between you and your passion?

In my late twenties, I was a fledgling stockbroker. I worked hard. Long hours. Lots of phone calls. Lots of meetings. Lots of research. I was on the road to good money. I was on a path to promotions, recognition and status.  The problem….I did not like the responsibility of investing other people’s  money in a financial system I did not trust.  I was compromising my values. I was conflicted. I was over stressed. I was on a path to mental, physical and spiritual  “illness”. I was not happy. I woke up to anxiety every morning. I went to sleep every night with worry. I did not like the direction I was heading. I wanted to change.

I soon realized that I had to leave the financial field if I were to have peace of mind.  I had to find “work” that allowed me to be ME.  I decided to make my passion my vocation, to make my life’s work a source of happiness and not a daily stressor.

I entered the field of fitness. A field I believe in with all my heart and soul. A field I trust. A field I can help people change their own lives physically, mentally and spiritually for the better. A healthy field. An honest field. I field about which I am passionate. That was the day I stopped “working” to survive and started “living” to flourish and enjoy the life of my dreams. I now look forward to each new day.

Will I be rich? Probably not. But my wants and needs are simpler now. I have an amazing wife that I love. Two step-chidren (I’m a Grampa). A wonderful family.  A vibrant circle of friends.  Two dogs. A modest home. A car. Some “nice toys”. I’m happy. The fact that my paychecks are much smaller than a career stockbroker doesn’t matter to me, as I feel very strongly that I’m able to be me, to express myself, and to enjoy all that I’m doing. Had I held on to the other job in order to keep the paycheck, where would I be right now? It doesn’t matter. I’m HappyNow!

Have you found your passion? Enjoy it today!