Judge Not

“Judge not and you won’t be judged”——–Jesus Christ

We have all heard that saying many times, in many forms, but how often do we take to heart the first two words? The first two words in this quote (judge not), could relieve us of more stress and anxiety than we possibly can imagine.

Releasing our tendency to judge others allows us to free ourselves from our need to be right all the time, from controlling all situations by making sure they come out the way we think they “should” come out. Judgment is nothing more than our way of saying that someone doesn’t live up to our expectations. They’re not doing things the way we think they “should” do them, it makes us feel pretty good to be able to judge someone else’s words or actions because in our minds we’re “right,” and they’re “wrong.”

It’s nice to be right, isn’t it? But when we judge other people, we’re defining ourselves as someone who needs to judge other people. When we judge other people, we don’t define them, we define ourselves. Is this healthy? Are our judgments necessarily valid or accurate? If we keep on defining ourselves as judgmental, will we ever become someone who can truly “live and let live”?

Letting someone else live life according to his or her own beliefs is one of the greatest gifts we can give someone else. I find when I “live and let live”, I enjoy a less stressful day. Practice makes progress.