Good Night*****

Good Night,

We made it through another day! Sometimes I feel relief at this statement, other times disappointment, but mostly  peace. What about you?

Tonight, we can be grateful for today. This doesn’t mean just giving thanks or recognition for getting something we wanted. Being grateful means recognizing all the events and people who shared our journey today. Gratitude means seeing through disappointments or pain in order to gain understanding of its meaning in our lives. Gratitude means trusting everything that happened today was not a simple coincidence, but had a purpose.

We can trust there was a reason for all that we experienced today.

I try to end each day thinking of something about which I am grateful. Tonight, I am grateful for YOU, all of you. I am grateful for each of you who read, respond to and share my daily “today” messages. It makes me feel spiritually connected to all of you. I feel a strong positive energy flows between us and among us. The best part is that there are so many people who we may never meet who are also impacted by our positive flowing energy. Share the energy.

Thank you.

Good Night.