Five Amazing Free Gifts

The best gifts are free.

Most of us appreciate receiving a gift. Most of us appreciate receiving a present without strings attached, something that we can treasure as own and something we can put in our “treasure chest”. How about giving such gift. Do you enjoy giving something to someone they can keep and treasure as their own?

Most gifts require some sort of sacrifice like money, work or time. Usually when you give something away, it leaves you with a little less. What if you had a special gift to give that when you shared it you had more of it , so that your treasure chest was not just replenished but grew larger in size and filled with more varied gifts to share. That would be such a wonderful feeling.

Hugs, handshakes, smiles, conversations and thoughts are such gifts.

We all have these wonderful gifts inside our “treasure chest”, but if we’re afraid to share them, they go to waste and nobody benefits. Share your hugs. Share your handshakes. Share your smiles. Share your conversations. Share your thoughts. You’ve got plenty of them. Give them away and you’ll get even more in return.

Who will you meet on your journey today? Can you brighten their day with a simple gift? With whom can you share a hug, a handshake or a smile today? Maybe a special person is not part of today’s physical journey, so maybe you can make a special effort to reach out and share the gift of conversation. Sometimes a simple phone call can brighten someone’s spirits. Who can you call today and wish well?

And finally, if that special person is unavailable to receive a hug, handshake, smile or conversation, how about a simple loving thought. You’ll be surprised how good a loving thought makes you feel.

Be generous with your hugs, handshakes, smiles, conversations and thoughts today.

Experience a Personal Pause now.