Variety is Good

This is a world of variety. Variety is good.

We all have different strengths. Some people bake bread, others build houses, some teach school and many more are doctors. musicians, inventors or homemakers. Our lives are much more rewarding when we understand our talents, gifts and skills and then develop them to the best of our ability.

It is both fruitless and negative to spend our time complaining that we are not like other people or that we lack their talents. This attitude stops us from discovering our own creative talents. When we are so busy comparing ourselves to others, we miss our own uniqueness.

Today I look forward to discovering and enjoying my talents and the creativity they offer. Each day I learn more about me and the abundant opportunities that are available to me everyday.

What about you? Where do your talents lie? Are you grateful for the creativity and the abundant opportunities the your talents afford you everyday?

During a mindful pause, express gratitude for one of your talents, gifts or skills.