What’s going on? How ya doin? How do you feel? Really, how do you feel, now?

Happy?  Strong? Sad? Doubtful?  Joyful? Paranoid? Confident? Proud? Frustrated? Angry? Strong? Afraid? Tired? Exited? There are so many feelings we experience everyday.

I’ve heard it said that feelings are not facts and I believe that, BUT, too many people are very quick to question or discount their feelings as “just feelings” and not worthy or valid? They look at their feelings as being somehow “inferior” to their logical and rational thoughts!  Wow, that’s not good. Sometimes, you have to believe what you feel.

Feelings comprise one of the most important elements of our being. Our feelings teach us a lot about ourselves and our place in world and how we fit in with other people. If we learn to read our feelings, to understand them and to trust them as real then we can embrace them. When we try to fight or deny feelings, we divorce ourselves from reality and we live a life of inner conflict and “dis-ease”.

What are your feelings telling you about your Spiritual Condition? Are you living in the past, the future or NOW?

Maybe a change in attitude or prospective will change your feelings? Maybe you need to have an honest conversation with someone.  Maybe you need advice. Maybe the healthiest choice is simply to accept your feelings as valid.

Your feelings are just as much a part of your life’s journey as are your logical thoughts or your rationality.  The question is simple, will you allow your feelings to have as prominent a place in your journey today?