The Truth

“Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the window”—Ashleigh Brilliant

For me, honesty is the catalyst for spiritual health. There is no spiritual growth without being honest and it begins with ourselves. I can’t be honest with others until I am honest with myself. We do not define the truth, we accept it, we surrender to it. The truth may not feel good. The truth may even be painful, but we can’t mold the truth to fit our “plan”.

When I accept life as it is and other people as they are, my life is less stressful and more compassionate. It is when I accept a person or a situation that I can look at it from an honest perspective and learn from it. Acceptance of the flow of life has nothing to do with giving up or running away from a struggle, on the contrary it means simply accepting the battle as it comes by offering your best effort with whatever skills you have at the moment  and to be at peace with the results.

Practice makes progress.

Experience a personal pause.