Peace of Mind

How can we find, protect and then share “peace of mind”?

Peace of mind is an inner feeling of calm acceptance. If we are not protective of our peace of mind it is vulnerable to thievery. There are many “peace of mind” thieves lurking in everyday life.

When bad things happen in the world around us, and there a lot of bad things, some people ask, “how can I protect my peace of mind when all this bad stuff keeps stealing it from me?.”

Nobody “takes” our peace of mind from us, we “allow” it to leave. Acceptance is the your best security against “peace of mind” thieves. When I realize that the world I live in will not change to accommodate me and that I can’t control everything, then and only then can I reclaim, appreciate, and enjoy the “peace of mind” I so passionately cherish.

How do I share my inner calm with other less accepting people? I believe that I can best help others who are struggling with bad things by offering my time, my listening ear, my helping hand, my word to the wise and my shoulder to cry on. You can make the same offer when you have that inner feeling of calm acceptance, that peace of mind.

Everyone is not as Spiritually strong as you. When you help someone else to the top of a mountain, you both reach the top together.
Find, protect and share your peace of mind today.