Kindness Challenge

Good Morning,
Are you up for a Spiritual Challenge this week? Read on…

In our continuing effort to make our lives happier, more positive, less hostile, more calm, less confrontational and more peaceful let’s all make a commitment to this “Spiritual Challenge”. This week I challenge you to perform one “anonymous act of kindness” every day.

Sounds simple right, but is it? Perform one act of kindness everyday that NOBODY ever finds out who did it. If you are discovered, if anyone finds out that you were the “kind one”, be proud you did something good, but remember it doesn’t count, you must perform another “anonymous act” of kindness. There can be no recognition.

Can you simply be kind without further agenda?

It is not so easy, but practice makes progress and progress is good.

Be well and make it a mindful week.

Remember to push the PAUSE BUTTON.

Happy Now…