The Flourishing Spirit

Maintenance Check…..Day #3

Humans Beings are the integration of three primary systems, namely “The Body”, “The Mind” and “The Spirit”. For these systems to flourish, each requires regular attention. Each system requires, nourishment, challenge and rest. This is the third of a three part message. The last two day’s we addressed “The Body” and “The Mind”, please refer back to these topics in the “Archives” section on the top of this page if you have not already read them.

Today we address “The Spirit”.

Our Spirit is found in the attitude we use we interpret the flow of life. Attitude is everything! Attitude is our greatest freedom in life and it is a choice we make every day. We wake up each morning and select an attitude to carry with us on our journey.

Throughout the day our attitude is often nourished with the positive energy we find in other people and events.  Our attitude is challenged through out the day by the negative energy we feel in other people and events. We can change our attitude at any time by choosing how much power we give to each of these outside influences. At the end of each challenge or the end of each day our attitude is either a source of happiness, peace and “ease”, or hostility, stress and “dis-ease”.

A “Flourishing Spirit” is found in the positive attitude we use to interpret our daily journey through life. Happiness is a choice that often requires effort. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.