Spiritual Adventure.

Life is a glorious and mysterious journey. I never fully understand life and am always confused and amazed by it. After I succeed in understanding or accepting one thing, I am presented with a new mystery, a new challenge.  For me, this happens all day long, everyday.

As human beings, we are not omniscient. We are not perfect. We will never completely understand all the complexities of life.

For most of my life, this concept used to anger and irritate me. I wanted to know everything. I wanted to have the answer to all life’s problems. I wanted the power, the respect and the rewards that come with perfection. I was uncomfortable being vulnerable, weak and confused! I was afraid to make mistakes. In essence, I was simply uncomfortable being “human”. Yes, that was my problem. I was uncomfortable being a human being.

It’s only been in the last few years that I have truly come to embrace the wonderful miracle of everyday. I’ve stopped trying to “explain” the twist and turns of life. I’ve stopped trying to mold the universe to conform to my wishes. I’ve come to “better” accept the flow of life. Acceptance is the key to enjoying the human journey. Being human is such a gift.

Today I am enjoying the miraculous adventure of life, and I stand in awe at it’s wonderful complexity.

Experience a personal pause.