Spiritual Chain Reaction

I believe our greatest impact on the world is found in the little things we do everyday. Ironically, we may never see the fruits of our effort.

We are all producers of spiritual energy. Each day I try to contribute to the positive energy in the world. Often times we have enormous impact on other people’s lives without even realizing it. We can brighten the lives of people we may never meet. I find that if I keep focused on being kind and doing the “right thing”, there are so many opportunities to be a catalyst and set off a “Spiritual Chain Reaction” of events that add to the positive energy in the world.

Maybe we compliment a colleague at work and it brightens their attitude and in turn when they arrive at home that night, their positive energy is passed via patience and forgiveness toward a son or daughter. Then that son or daughter stays home for a family dinner and openly discusses a social problem at school. I may never know that I was the catalyst for that child making a new friend.

Maybe we help someone lacking in self confidence to see untapped potential inside him or her self that he or she may not have otherwise seen, so they in turn find the courage to pass that positive energy forward and help someone else see that there is hope in their personal struggle with a bad habit or an addiction. I may never know that I was the catalyst for someone to make a change and get healthier.

If we contribute “goodness” to the world and we don’t hold any expectations of what we “should” get in return, we can be happy knowing we have have added positive energy to all those who surround us. Even if it is in ways we may never know.

Be a catalyst for a “Positive Spiritual Chain Reaction” and the world will be a better place for everyone.