good night

Good Morning,

How was last night’s sleep? For me a peaceful night’s sleep is a wonderful reward for day lived well.

I try to make sleep a nightly reward for my body, my mind and my spirit. I try to make “bedtime” a comfortable time to wind down and relax my mind from a day of decision making and my body from a day of “doing”. I try to make bedtime a time of just “being”. How do I do it? Let me describe what works for me.

I gently close my eyes and direct my focus to a few slow deep calming breathes. I inhale slowly through my nose and exhale just as slowly, again through my nose. I repeat conscious breathing over and over until I feel my body begin to relax. As my body relaxes, my thoughts embark on a imaginary journey to a wonderfully peaceful place, a place at the end of a very beautiful natural path I call “Serenity’s Trail”.

imagine walking patiently down a wooded trail, between the trees, below the branches and among the flowers. Beams of sun light sparkle through the cracks in my newly found foliage tunnel. A cool light breeze swirls the leaves under my steps. Each breath of clean air is a refreshing gift that I accept graciously. Nature’s subtle scent drifts through me.

With each step I get further from today’s unfinished tasks, yet no closer to tomorrow’s plans. There is no rush. Instead each footstep seems to get slower. With each step, the animals and the birds that call the forest their home appear around me, yet don’t run away. Why would they run? I’m not a threat. I’m simply a peaceful visitor.

My imaginary journey, continues to the trail’s end. For a brief moment I experience disappointment, until I find myself walking towards another miracle of nature. Away from the shade of the forest, I continue to the shore of a lake. A magnificent lake. The light of a setting sun reflects off the placid water. I find myself drawn to the water’s edge.

The setting sun, the breeze and and the soothing sounds of rippling water invite me to find a soft place to sit beneath a shaded tree. As I gaze towards the distant mountains, past the tranquil lake, below a setting sun, I am surrounded by a cool breeze. I am able to listen to the serene sounds of the nature’s evening. My eyes gently close and my breathing becomes hypnotic and m…y…..t.h..o..u..g..h….t….s……, zzzzzzzzzzzz.

May a peaceful night’s sleep be your reward for a day lived well.