What’s In Your Closet?

Where do you keep your stuff?

We all have closets and other storage places places where we keep our “stuff”. We may not be using all our stuff right now, but we always want it available when the right situation arises. Some of our closets are bigger than others. We need closets.

Many of us place our greatest energy in keeping a well stocked clothing closet. We have clothes of many sizes and colors. Clothes for all seasons and all occasions. We have new clothes and old clothes. We have clothes for function and/or fashion. We have our favorites, and some that we rarely wear. How much time do you spend acquiring and then selecting the COSTUME you’ll wear during your journey each day? How long do you check the mirror to tweak your costume before you venture from your house?

Our clothes are often a personal statement about how we feel about ourselves and/or how we want people to “see” us. We have so many “COSTUMES”.

What about your “Spiritual Closet”? What’s in there?

My Spiritual closet is well stocked. I’ve acquired a lot of stuff in the past 55 years. I have plenty of wisdom, love, kindness, compassion, cooperation, curiosity, humility, forgiveness……But I also have my share of judgement, sarcasm, anger, ego, competition, worry, disappointment……I have a lot of “stuff” in my Spiritual Closet.

The BIG QUESTION is…..How much time and energy do you place in your Spiritual Closet while preparing for  today’s journey? How will you present yourself to the world  today? What will your attitude be on today’s journey? I believe it’s what we choose from our Spiritual Closet that has the greatest impact on our day’s experience.

Imagine this: your stuck in a traffic jam and your blood pressure is rising, your late, your getting frustrated and angry about all the stuff you can’t control. You have a choice. You can change your shirt and look different in the traffic jam or you can take a deep breath, exhale and change your attitude about how you FEEL during the same situation. Why not try both an see what works better for you.

I believe it’s your attitude that has the greatest impact on how you experience your day’s journey, not the color of your shirt.

So may I suggest, devoting a little more time in the morning getting Spiritually dressed (prepared).  Pick something vibrant and youthful, something generous and forgiving, something accepting and kind. And the best part is you can change your attitude at any time if the situation calls for change.

What’s in your spiritual closet? And what will you choose to wear today? Attitude is everything.

Experience a personal pause.