My Secret to Success

I’m successful. Are you succesful? What’s your secret? This is my “secret”.

I believe success is accomplished through the development of our “integrated self”.  Success is a feeling of self respect that results from making the most of our body, mind and spirit. Success comes when our  thoughts, actions and beliefs are congruent.  Success encompasses all facets of our life such as our relationship as a friend, a parent, a wife, a husband, a neighbor, an employer, a teammate, a worker …… As a whole person, as an “integrated self”, we are far greater than the sum of our individual parts.

There are no secrets to success. Success is doing the  things you know in your heart are the right things to do. Success is not doing the things in your heart you know are the wrong things to do.  If we honestly give to the world the best we have to offer, we will in turn draw to ourselves the best the world has to offer.  For me, that is success.

Success is not found in your wallet, your toy box or your trophy case, success is found in the joy and love you find in your heart when you’ve done the right thing to the best of your ability. Do the next right thing.  Be successful. Be happy.

Experience a personal pause.