Ordinary Miracles

Today, let your happiness be in the miracle of the ordinary.

It’s very easy to ignore the ordinary, because, well, it seems so “ordinary”. After all, “ordinary” surrounds us everyday. The flowers, the trees, the fresh air, the smell of coffee, the smiles on the faces of our loved ones, the dexterity in our hands, our ability to read, the everyday stuff like the cars and planes that allow us to travel, eye glasses that correct our vision or the phone that allows us to communicate to anyone at any time, the handiwork of an architect, the convenience of a Deli counter or the reliability of a traffic light. These are all things we to often take for granted because they are the “ordinary” parts of everyday life.

Some of the ordinary gifts in our life are preciously rare commodities in the lives of other people, but they too can be grateful for what they have in their everyday life.

Happiness is less about the quest and acquisition of the extraordinary, than it is in the recognition and gratitude of the ordinary.

Take time each day to notice, appreciate and stand in awe of the miracle of ordinary.

Experience a personal pause.