Express Your Gratitude Today

It’s easy to think of gratitude as a nice human trait, as something that we like to see other people express in their lives, and that most of us know we need to express more of in our lives. But we don’t often see gratitude as a proactive force in our lives, as a source of positive energy that can literally be the catalyst for major changes not just in the ways that we see things, but also in the things that come our way on a day-to-day basis.

Gratitude is an amazing force. Our sense of Gratitude is positive energy. It is energy that can lift the spirits of other people. It is energy that can make other people feel better, and change their energy levels almost instantly. Gratitude can only be these things when it is outwardly expressed. Gratitude that is not expressed openly may make us feel better personally, but it doesn’t do much for anyone else. Gratitude is an amazing force, but it is severely diminished if we keep it to ourselves.

Openly express your gratitude to those for whom you are grateful, and the positive while shine like the sun on a cloudless Spring day.

Happy Now…