Share Your Love

Sharing your love is a good intention for today.

When we share something good with the world, something good comes back to us. Love is a great example of this.

Whether we are talking of a loving relationship with our spouse, children, parents, friends, or acquaintances, love is a very fluid and dynamic relationship. If we are actively involved with the other person and genuinely give our time, the relationship will flourish. But what about a “stranger”?

How can we share love? I ask myself this question a lot. How can I share love with each person I meet in my journey today. Can I share my love with my family, friends and also complete strangers?

I think I can. I think we can. I think it’s a good intention.

I try to spread love with kind words and a smile. I try to spread love by listening without interrupting when people are speaking to me. I try to listen without trying to direct the conversation towards me.

I try to spread love by performing truly anonymous acts of kindness. I try to spread love by saying a silent, private prayer when I see or hear of people in need. I try to spread love through generosity, through encouragement, through compliments, and anything else that can be seen as a positive contribution to another person’s life, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to be.

Spreading love is much like coaching or teaching, we usually don’t see the results of our efforts immediately because the effect may be subtle, but if love is authentic, we don’t need to see the results immediately, the payoff is a personal glow of spiritual vitality. I call it HappyNow.

HappyNow is a great reward for sharing your love with each person you meet on your journey today.

Practice makes progress. Progress is always good.