Inside Job

I’ve heard it said “Happiness is an inside job”. I agree. I believe we cannot “make” ourselves truly happy with anything that we own or possess, but only through a deep abiding knowledge and love of ourselves, the world around us and our place in it. Happiness is an inside job and it takes practice.

We are not products, we are processes. We are always changing. The person we are “inside” determines our character. Our character is not determined by the “stuff” we own, but instead by the decisions we’ve made in the past, the responsibilities we’ve accepted, the mistakes we have learned from, the apologies we’ve made and our ability to be at peace with a congruent life.

A congruent life is a life where our beliefs, our words and our actions are in harmony. None of our possessions or lack of possessions can influence our lives to be congruent.

I’ve know “successful” people with high paying careers, who go on exotic vacations and have lots of “stuff”, but also suffer from enormous stress and worry. These people are often searching frantically for the next big client,  multitasking, spending a lot of time away from loved ones and too tired at the end of the day to talk to and listen to the important people in their lives. These people are too rushed to notice the beautiful flowers or the sparkling stars. How will I pay for this? Does my house measure up? Why can’t I have the newest gadget? If I only had more money, all my troubles would fad away! So complicated. So stressful.

I also know people who live a simple life. They have loving relationships based on quality time on a daily basis. They don’t have the biggest house or the fanciest clothes or the newest multimedia gadget, but they go to sleep each night with a smile and a clear conscious and wake up each morning with another smile and excitement and gratitude for the simple pleasures, like a hug from a spouse, a question from a child, the smell of fresh air or an appreciation for the miracle of each sunrise.

Develop your character and become the person you truly want to be and happiness will come your way. If you search for happiness in material stuff, you are in for a life of struggle. Be true to yourself. Be loving. Be grateful. Maybe you have lots of “stuff” maybe you don’t, but if you live a congruent life, peace and happiness will be yours to share.

I agree, happiness is an inside job. Do you think happiness is an inside job?