Feelings vs Facts

Personal feelings are NOT facts!

Do you blame other people as your first line of defense against painful feelings? Sometimes it’s easier to convince ourselves that other people’s actions and/or words make us angry rather than to take responsibility for our own part in the situation.

It is quite a challenge to admit that we are human, and to accept that feelings are not facts and that MY feelings are MY interpretation and MY attitude toward the flow of life. I need to take responsibility for MY own attitude toward life.

I am a work in progress. For me, it took time and lots of practice but it was when I started to accept my faults and my mistakes, that I began to experience real spiritual growth, a real sense of peacefulness.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes progress. Be proactive. Practice accepting personal feelings as just that, personal feeling, and not facts of life. Happiness is in the journey, it is not the destination. There is peace in now.

Happy Now…