Do Overs

Have you ever started writing, texting  or e-mailing a message and it  didn’t seem right, it was sloppy or your words did not accurately convey your thoughts?

What did you do?  You erased the message. You crumpled up the paper and threw it out, or you deleted it. Maybe you learned from your mistake, made a correction and started over.  You may not have said it out loud but you thought, “Do Over”.  When I was a little kid, we used to  “call” a do over.

We are entitled to “do overs”.

When we make a mistake, when our words or our actions are inconsistent with our beliefs, rather than scrambling to compromise our message, figuring ways to cover it up, or dwelling on it with regret, we can be a little kid again, we can call a “DO OVER”.

If you’re having “one of those days” where nothing is going your way, when you’ve found yourself  locked in worry, anger, self pity, anxiety, complacency or anything else that causes “dis-ease” you can call a do over. You can start your day over.  That’s what’s so special about living in the present, we do not have to continue on our current path if we recognize that path is headed away from our desired destination.

Use your right to “call a do over”.

You are not locked on any path.  Let today be a day when you call a do over before you get too far off your desired direction. Live a congruent day. Live a day in which your beliefs, your words and your actions are in harmony. You can start your day over at anytime you like.

Experience a personal pause.