The Library…..

The Library
I remember going to the library as a little kid thinking, “Wow, look at all the books, so many stories, so much information stored in this room. In the age of computers, I don’t go to the Library very often anymore. These days, it’s my mind that is a library and I try to keep it well stocked with all kinds of information.

Our mind has a multitude of stored memories, knowledge, and skills. Some of these are the results of living and learning, but most are information given to us by others. Our family, friends, colleagues, teachers, coaches and acquaintances and children are the greatest sources for our storehouses of information.
Most of our learning comes from others. Teachers give us much in the way of facts. Our family instructs us in morals. Friends show us different personalities and lifestyles. Our children reflect what we’ve taught them and give us their views of the world.

All the information we have is valuable to our growth and maturity. Every person we meet, each place we visit, and everything we try contributes to our library of knowledge and experience. At times we may borrow from what is on our shelves, but we must keep our shelves stocked with fresh material. Each night we can write a new volume based on the day’s experiences.

Is the door to your “LIbrary” open to all kinds of stories and information?