Clean Up Your Language

“If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”– George Orwell

I make a daily decision to be positive and mindful in all areas of my life. I may not always succeed, but practice makes progress. How do I treat people? What do I eat? What type of books do I read? What do I watch on television.? How do I speak? What type of language do I use to communicate my thoughts?

I think that “bad language” used on a regular basis conveys anger and invites hostility. Why? Because bad language hurts the listener and does not show respect for the “gift” of communication. The words we use are our most basic means by which we interpret and then share our thoughts with other people. If you have no respect for language you will create an enormous barrier between yourself and positive spiritual growth.

I believe in the “law of attraction”. You become what you think. You draw to yourself people and events that are consistent with the energy you transmit to the world.

Try to follow this Spiritual progression. Read it slowly. Do you agree?

Your thoughts become words, your words become actions, your actions become habits and your habits create character. It’s your character that has the greatest influence on how you interpret reality. How you interpret reality will dictate your experience. Your experience creates and invites more similar thoughts. And the loop continues.

Keep your language clean.