Slow Down

I love to bike. I went for a long bike ride the other day, and it wasn’t until after about an hour and a half  I realized something was missing. Something very important was missing.

I have a road bike and a mountain bike, that day I was riding the mountain bike along a trail.  The trail goes through a beautiful forest, up and down the Palisades Cliffs and along the Hudson River.

The problem was I was so involved in the riding, in watching the path for twists, turns, obstacles and rocks, and so focused in the sometimes crazy thinking I do when I’m alone, that I was missing the beauty that surrounded me.  For all I knew, I might have ridden right past a herd of buffalo, a moose or  a wholly mammoth. I would have never seen them.  I pride myself on my improving mindful awareness, but there are still too many times when I simply don’t see things because I’m so focused on something else. I’m moving, thinking and doing every thing too fast. Too fast.

I need to SLOW DOWN. To pause. To experience the stuff I so often pass by.

Yes, I can enjoy a bike ride without pedaling at break neck speed.  Everything I do does not have to be about training my body, training my mind or competing with myself or other people. If I treat life as if it were an opponent, my days  become a contests, but when I treat my life as a glorious adventure, each day is a wonderful journey.

Have you slowed down lately?  Have you tried slow down and appreciate all that you may pass by on a regular basis?

Maybe you won’t see a herd of buffalo, a moose or a wholly mammoth in your back yard, but maybe you will notice the blooming flowers, the babbling brook or the soaring eagle that make your back yard their home. It’s all waiting for you.

There’s so much to enjoy in our daily life that goes unnoticed in our daily life, it’s up to us to make the effort to see it.  The flower, the brook and the eagle won’t make the effort to be seen. You have to make the effort to look. Slow down so you can notice.

Enjoy a pause.