Those are terrifying words we never want to say or hear.

What is your most precious commodity? Possibly the most dangerous detractors in your life are thieves who steal your most precious of all commodities.  What is that commodity? I believe it’s “Time”.

“Time Thieves”. What is a time thief? Any activity or force that prevents you from enjoying, embracing and experiencing  joy in each moment. Mindlessness, apathy, lethargy, resentment, anger, guilt, gossip, self pity are all time thieves

Your greatest protection from time thieves is mindfulness now.

Enjoying NOW does not mean you are physically active, mentally focused or spiritually vibrant every minute. Nor does it mean you’re productive, efficient or socially active all your waking hours. Enjoying NOW is an attitude. It is being accepting of yourself and others without judgement. It is sharing kindness, friendship, forgiveness and love. There is serenity when we choose to live in the NOW.

Life happens only in the NOW. Live your life fully. Protect your time. Invest your time wisely. Make peace with time. Make time your friend. Make the choice to protect your most precious commodity from time thieves.


“It only takes a minute .”