Sleep is good.

Regular periods of sleep are key to a healthy body and a clear mind. Sleep is the time  your body renews itself.

When life gets busy, sleep is often the first activity that we sacrifice. Considered a luxury by many busy people, sleep is actually as vital to sustaining a balanced life as is eating, drinking and vigorous movement. Getting sufficient sleep can be a potent energizer, just as not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling drained and sluggish.

Most studies suggest that an average adult needs eight hours of sleep daily, the problem arises when we try to define the “average” person. Some people may thrive on four or five hours, while others don’t feel well rested unless they’ve slept for ten hours. How much we sleep also depends on age. Young people often need more sleep, while older people may need less.

The ability to forgo sleep is considered by some to be an asset, however while it may seem that the nighttime hours can be better used for more productive activities, sleep in itself is extremely productive. During sleep, your body and psyche are both regaining their strength for the coming day. You may even have the unique opportunity to explore the hidden recesses of your personality while you dream. It is when we sleep that our long-term memories are reinforced. A good night’s sleep also has been known to bring with it the gifts of clarity, wisdom, and a fresh perspective.

Many cultures engage in an afternoon siesta. Taking a nap is refreshing and can increase both productivity and creativity.for the rest of the day. Ancient Greeks thought of sleep as a gift from the gods. Give yourself the gift of peaceful slumber and you will likely find yourself feeling alert, refreshed, and ready for life’s challenges. You may also find yourself feeling more centered, thoughtful, and aware throughout the day so you can live today to your full potential

Just as we need regular and consistent periods of physical activity and rest, we need regular times of alert wakefulness and restful sleep to keep our body healthy and our mind clear. It is during sleep that your body renews itself.

Make sleep a priority.

Push the PAUSE button now.