Selfish Time vs Self Time

I recently read this…

“I love people.  I love my family and my children and my friends, but inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up.”—-Buck

This quote made me think about the importance and difference between “Self Time” and “Selfish Time”. For me, daily self time helps me to be more present and better able share more quality time with the people I love.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make time alone a priority. We may think that we’re letting the people we love down if we’re not with them, that they need us to be a constant part of their lives if they are to love us back and thrive in their lives. But the problem that thinking, is that without time for ourselves we will wear down and be less present for those people we love.

If we don’t take time for ourselves, and we don’t renew ourselves spiritually and emotionally, we are always dealing with others from a diminished state, we are never truly availble to give our best

Time to ourselves and for ourselves is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves AND to the people we love.  It doesn’t have to be a silent retreat at monastery on the top of a mountain in Greece, it can be as simple as an hour each morning or afternoon during which we don’t deal with anyone else’s problems and just focus on finding a place of inner peace. It can take the form of a walk in the woods, or simply a nap on the couch.

“Self time” is not a time to deal with other people’s problems, and it’s not a time to seek out personal entertainment, it is  simply a time to be alone and allow our batteries to recharge.

There is great healing in quiet and solitude.  That healing mends our thoughts and emotions, it helps us to reach places from which we can function more effectively and live our lives more fully. Remember, getting in touch with those places inside ourselves takes effort, and that effort starts with the simple determination to spend time alone, to give ourselves a chance to grow and heal.

Enjoy a mindful pause.