Are you living a “congruent life” to the best of your ability?

There are countless ways to take shortcuts and to grab for life’s pleasures We can always find an excuse to binge on food or drink. We can always find a way to justify lying to a loved one about what we’ve done or not done. There is always an opportunity to cheat or steal and not get caught.

Maybe we think;

“Whats the big deal, I’m not hurting anyone. It’s my problem. Leave me alone”.

“If it weren’t for the other guy being so nosey, I wouldn’t have HAD to lie about what I did.”

“Everyone does it, why am I the one who gets caught”

The truth is, if we are to like and respect ourselves, we need to live by the principals in which we believe. Whether we get caught or not isn’t the point. We cannot hold values and then repeatedly find ways to justify breaking them. Life becomes confusing. The universe becomes an opponent. Our minds become cluttered with conflicting thoughts. Life is a struggle.

Slowly I am understanding the calm that basic principles bring to my life. I am learning to live with a code of ethics that Is not always easy, but more often than not it is simple and more peaceful. Each day I try to be mindful that my beliefs, my words and my actions are in harmony.

Theses are some of the “spiritual principles” by which I try to live: Kindness. Generosity. Honesty, Truth, Openness, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Humility. Hope.

Are you trying to live a “congruent life” to the best of your ability? What are a few of your “spiritual principals”?

Experience a personal pause.