Complex World

Do you believe that we live in a complex world? Do you believe it’s important that we learn how to deal in complexities if we’re to survive and thrive in this world?

I believe the truth of the matter is that we live in a pretty simple world, but we’ve rejected simplicity in order to “improve” our lives. We make the choice to complicate our lives. We buy lots of stuff to fill our oversized houses. We take out loans and over use credit cards in order to buy more things that we can’t pay for yet. Many of us overcommit ourselves to many causes, responsibilities and activities and therefore limit the possibility of having time to ourselves and our families. Toomany of us overburden ourselves with complexities.

Life is simple. It is through “the simple” that can we truly accomplish the wonderful. Of course we have to define wonderful. Is it the new multimedia handheld device that allows us to take video, download music and movies over a phone connection, or is it the self-assured young person who grows up with an appreciation of nature, family and loving interaction.

Keep it simple.  Be grateful for the simple things you have and less wanting of the complicated things that tempt you.