Small Steps

One small step in the right direction leads to a second and a third and a fourth and ………

For me, it has been the small changes that I have made in my life that had the greatest long lasting impact. These are examples of small changes that had real impact on my life;

1. I decided not to watch violent TV shows and movies.

2. I decided not to participate in gossip.

3. I decided to read and write some positive thoughts each morning.

4. I decided to spend 15-25 minutes each day in mindful meditation.

Those are just a few samples of the small changes that have contributed to a healthier spiritual lifestyle that has helped me to lead a happier and more full life.

Small changes are manageable, and they are much easier to incorporate into our life than massive changes. If we want to change our lives for the better, we’ll find much more success in working on many little things that will add up to a greater whole than if we try to make an enormous change in very short amount of time.

What very small thing could you change today that would make your life more positive and fulfilling over time? Change is hard. Gather up the strength and courage to make that change today, NOW.

Practice makes progress. Progress is good.