More is better. Right? Does more of a good thing make us happier?

Sages throughout world history have frowned on materialism. Those wise men and women told us thas over and over again, but we seem to be very slow to learn. What do you do with all your stuff after the novelty of owning it has worn off?  Most of us buy more stuff. We usually keep the old stuff, we store it somewhere and we simply stop using what once seemed to so important to have.

More is ……….ADDICTIVE !

It seems the more things that we have in life, the more things sit around being unused for long periods of time. Marketers are smart, they’re always pushing us to buy more and more. They feed off our desire to be the first to own the newest and the best. Yesterday’s stuff isn’t good enough any more. Yesterday’s stuff is junk.

I’m hard core “more addict”.  Just a few ridiculous examples include baseball hats, gadgets and souvenir t-shirts. There was a time I “had to have” them. I wore them or used them all day on the day I bought them. The next day less. After a week they were buried somewhere in a closet or a drawer, only to be seen when I threw another newly purchased baseball hat, gadget or souvenir t-shirt in there to join them. This just one small example  of my “more addiction”.

Why is it that the more people have, the more people want? And subsequently, the more we want, the more likely we are to feel dissatisfied when something better is available?

I find that if I can put myself in “now”, and enjoy the “stuff” I already have “right now”, then I find that my life is very satisfying. I do not want my home to be a storage bin my unused possessions.

Less is more.