What Are You Ingesting?

We are what we ingest. What goes in, must come out. Ingest mindfully.

Even though we live in a world of amazing access to information, we sometimes have to search long and hard for something positive and uplifting. It’s so much easier to turn on the TV and watch violence, crime and corruption packaged as entertainment, or read a book or news article on a web site about murder, gossip, deceit or simple “meanness”.

Our brains respond very clearly to violence and it’s not in a very positive way. Violence gives us stress and tension. It creates a corresponding physical response with such symptoms as tightness of muscles, higher blood pressure, and headaches. Try saying these words out loud a couple of times:

Hate. Murder. Stab. Cheat. Steal,. Kill.…..

Do you feel a change in your mood or feelings? If you were hooked up to a machine that measured your physiological responses, chances are that you’d see a big change.

How do our brains and bodies react when we are exposed uplifting words and images? Try saying the following words aloud a few times:

Love. Peace. Hope. Compassion. Friendship. Giving….

Do you feel a difference? How do you feel when you give yourself a  positive and life-affirming message? There are plenty of web sites, books and movies that can make us feel better ourselves, other people and life in general.

Let it be our intention this week to lift our spirits by mindfully looking for positive media.  Let’s pay close attention to what we ingest. Let’s be selective about what we read, watch and listen to in the media. Don’t let the media drag your spirit down.