A “Should” Challenge

Good Morning,

As you move through your life’s journey today, consider this thought. Too often we attempt to impose our will on other people by telling them what they “SHOULD” do. What we are really saying is, “our way is the right way” or “our way is the only one way”.

Spiritual Challenge for this week:

In our continuing effort to make our lives happier, more positive, less hostile, more calm, less confrontational and more peaceful we are trying to make or break habitual behavior,  I challenge you to avoid using the word “should”.

When we force our values, goals or methods on other people the result is often hostility, resentment or confrontation. I challenge you to be more open-minded, more creative and softer in your approach to communicating you suggestions. What is your motive? Are you trying to be helpful with your suggestions or is your ego leading the way? Try using alternative phrases such as “have you considered doing it like this?” or “this way worked for me”.

If you avoid using the word “should”, your conversations may be less confrontational and more relaxing. Maybe other people will be more willing to heed your advise if in someway they feel more involved in the decision making process.

This week I challenge you to avoid using the word “should”. Make today a day you’ll be proud of tomorrow. Are you up to the challenge? Remember to push the PAUSE button.


“It only takes a minute .”