Real Life Theatre

“Real Life” is found in people watching.

I find it fascinating to watch people, whether it’s at a party, in a store, a restaurant, a park or just walking through town. I find the daily “theater” of life fascinating. I learn so much about “you”, “me” and “us” by simply observing the ordinary flow of life. For me, it’s better than any movie, TV show or book. It’s real.

I try to identify with the mannerisms, the actions, the emotions and the body language when I notice people. Sometimes I try to imagine where people are headed or what they’re thinking. I often intuitively sense what they are feeling. I see their joy, fear, curiosity, anxiety, focus and I try to connect to it with my own experience.

People are a mirror of my life.

We are always communicating, sending energy and messages not only with words but simply with our existence. Often the greatest messages are delivered when we think no one is watching, when we are just doing, just being ourselves.

What messages do you send when you think no one is watching?

Consider spending some of your valuable time today simply observing the similarities, differences and the enormous variety of people who flow into and out of your day’s journey. Is it as exciting as a movie, book or TV show? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s real.

The tickets for  “Real Life Theatre”  require no money, however you will need to invest is a small portion of your valuable time. For me the “show” is well worth it the investment.

Enjoy a pause.