“Naturelessness” Is Stressful

Quick Mental Health Survey….

1. How do you feel?…..Are you stressed? Are you feeling fatigued? Are your five senses bored? Do you have a headache?

2. Where are you?…….Can you see a tree from where you are right now? How about smell a flower or a plant? If you take a deep breath, is it of fresh air from an open window?

How you typically answer these questions may be very revealing with regard to your mental health. You may be suffering from “naturelessness”. You may be like lots of other people who voluntarily expose themselves to this all to common “dis-ease”. Fortunately there is a simple remedy and it requires no doctor’s visit.

The antidote for the “dis-ease” of “naturelessness” is as easy a stepping outside of your climate controlled dwelling pod, away from the artificial noise that surrounds you in the ever present concrete jungle many of us live in and out of the swelter heat that rises off the asphalt beach. Find a tree. Walk on the grass. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Smell the flowers. Feel the breeze. Watch a bird. Immerse yourself in nature. BREATH FRESH AIR.

We don’t need a survey to tell us, we feel better when we include a healthy dose of nature in our day. Get outside and experience the natural gifts the world has to offer. Find a tree and take a deep breath.

Remember to push the PAUSE BUTTON.