Planet Earth, Thank You.

When was the last time you expressed heart felt gratitude for our home, the planet on which we live?

With all it’s natural resources, the Planet Earth really does an amazing job of providing everything we need to live full and healthy lives. It is only when we realize the depth and magnitude of the mutitude of gifts we get from the world around us that we begin to appreciate our home in a real way.

Miraculous beauty is everywhere, from majestic mountains to the song of a single bird, from the rising sun to a blooming flower, from the power of the ocean tide to the gentleness of flowing stream. Trees give us oxygen to breathe and the lumber to build our shelter. Water keeps us hydrated and clean. How about the animals with whom we share the the planet? They provide us with food and companionship. Don’t forget those extinct animals that died thousands and thousands of years ago, they still provide us with the fuel we use to stay warm and keep our cars moving today. The list is endless.

With all that said, just how often do we express our gratitude for our home, planet earth? Just how often do we stop and say “thank you” to this planet for all that it provides for us? If we view it as an inanimate object, we may think, we can’t really thank an object, but earth is not an object, it is organic, it is very much alive.

How can we express gratitude for our planet? Conservation, recycling and establishing a sustainable relationship with our home are obvious acknowledgements of our gratitude, but for me it also includes times of mindfulness and the simple noticing of the omnipresent beauty in the ordinary day to day occurances.

The gratitude we feel for the earth may not affect the earth at all, but it sure can be beneficial to us as we stay mindful about the plentiful blessings this planet freely gives us everyday.

Join me today with a heartfelt thank you to our home, the planet earth.