Dogs Are Great Teachers

Dogs are the best.

Maybe for you “Dog” can be replaced by “Cat” or any other pet. For me, it’s my two dogs, Carly a Golden Retriever and Luna a Malitpoo. Dogs are wonderful teachers of spirit.

Have you ever noticed that most dogs are liked by everyone and seem to have no enemies. At least that’s the case with my two dogs. Whats up with that?

Pets are friendly and interested in others. They seem to get joy out of just being with us. They do not have a critical attitude. They don’t hold grudges. If they are neglected for a while, dogs are quick to forgive and just as quickly want be by our side again.

Dogs wake up each day with excitement and they aren’t afraid to “wag their tails” to express their feelings. Dogs make us smile.

We can learn a lot from our pets.

When we show love and kindness for one another and don’t waste time dwelling on each other’s faults, we will begin to have fewer faults of our own. When we accept our loved ones as they are and enjoy sharing our lives with them, our lives become more enjoyable, our bonds grow deeper and our lives together more fulfilling.

Pets are wonderful example of joyful spirits on a canine journey.

What spirit will you carry on your Human journey today?