“I’m sorry”, it’s easy to say, but what happens when it falls on deaf ears?

You can never be sure how someone will respond when you apologize for any harm you may have caused in their lives. When we honestly and sincerely apologize for our mistakes we are only responsible for our effort, not the results of our effort.

Some people will be supportive and impressed by your effort to apologize, while others might be cautious, suspicious or just plain too angry to accept your apology.

Not everyone to whom you offer an apology will have the spiritual grounding to forgive and let go. We can not expect anything from the people to whom we make an apology, however, if our apology is sincere and the offended person remains offended, we must realize that we’ve done our best and that’s all we can offer.

Making an apology is about how we act now and going forward, not how the other person reacts to our effort. Overly optimistic expectations often set us up for disappointment.

Practice what you preach. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.

Experience a mindful pause.