I feel…

Good Morning,
I feel happy. I feel sad. I feel…..

Our feelings are ours alone, and we are responsible only for how we feel. Those around us are not the cause of our feelings. We do.

This knowledge is a big responsibility, because we know we cannot blame others for our bad moods. But it is a fact. And this fact is also a wonderful freedom for us, for it means that we also have the power to make ourselves happy, no matter what goes on around us.

I try to begin each day with a question, “How can I make myself happy today”? Then I start in that direction.

Sometimes when I find I am on the wrong path, I stop, pause, breath and then pick a new path to make myself happy. If I relax, the answer will present itself. I may not like the answer but it WILL present itself.

You are responsible for what you do today. Make it a good day.

Enjoy a pause.